Company Profile

   Gan&Lee Pharmaceuticals is a high-tech biopharmaceutical company engaged in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of human therapeutics. Founded in 1998, the company is now a market leader in the R&D and manufacturing of recombinant human insulin and its analogues in China, focusing on bio-synthesis of human insulin analogues.
   Since its inauguration, the company has always had cutting-edge production technology worldwide. In 1998, its founder, Dr. Zhongru Gan and his insulin research team developed the first recombinant human insulin in China. This development was cited by members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Chinese Academy of Engineering as one of the “10 most influential science and technology breakthroughs in 1998”. The breakthrough liberated China from its heavy dependence on imported human insulin. Later, Dr. Gan and his team successfully developed the first fast acting insulin analogue PrandilinTM and long-acting insulin analogue BasalinTM in China.   
   The company has long been focusing on the R&D, process optimization and industrialization of insulin analogues. It has a series of patented as well as non-patented technology covering insulin fermentation, refolding, purification and formulation steps. Among these, the patented technology “Chimeric protein which contains intramolecular chaperon sequence and its application in insulin production”, which was invented by Dr. Gan, has helped the company to optimize the production process, increase the insulin yield and minimize the costs. In addition, the company has also undertaken a number of research projects at both national and provincial level. These projects include Major Specialized Project of National Science and Technology, project funded by National Small and Medium Sized Scientific Based Enterprise Innovation Technology Funds, Planned Project of Beijing and Specialised Project of Beijing City Science Committee on Pre-clinical Study of Innovative Drugs. Gan&Lee s committed to R&D in new products while continuing the development of current products. 
   The company has leading R&D and production capacity in the industry and is capable of developing new drugs. Many of its products have entered the clinical study stage. The company’s research achievements have successively won many awards such as “National New High-tech Technology Enterprise”, “Top 50 High Technology High Growth Enterprise 2012 by Deloitte”, “Top 500 Asian Enterprise” selected by Deloitte”, “Top 12 Prosperous Privately Owned Company” Selected by Forbes in 2012, “Beijing High Technology Transformation Project”, “Beijing Independent and Innovative Product”, “Renowned Brand in Beijing”, ”A Thousand Enterprise in ZhongGuanCun”, “Large Scale Enterprise of G20 Project of Beijing Biopharmaceutical Industry”, “Product With Major Contribution in Beijing G20 Project”, “Outstanding Enterprise in Beijing G20 Project” and so on.