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Ming Hua Technology Investment (HK) Limited ("Ming Hua") invests in Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals

  • Time: 2010-03-10 18:47:00
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Beijing, China - March 10, 2010 - Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals ("Gan & Lee") today announced that it has closed first round financing of several hundred million RMB from Ming Hua Technology Investment (HK) Limited ("Ming Hua"),  administered by Qiming Venture Partners.

Qiming Venture Partners (Qiming Weichuang Venture Capital Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd) is a well-known venture capital firm focused on the Chinese market with individual investment amounts ranging from {value}.5  to million. As of today, Qiming has made investments in more than 50 outstanding companies, many of which have become industry leaders. The companies in which Qiming has made successful investments include Huawei, Ctrip, and Actions Semiconductor.  Qiming was also an investor or involved in the financial execution of Yahoo, Cisco, Microsoft, and S-Q Soft worldwide.