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Patient's family member expresses his particular gratefulness by presenting a silk banner

  • Time: 2006-08-29 19:30:00
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On August 29, 2006, an ordinary elderly farmer from the suburb of Beijing City Yizhuang Economic Development Zone came to Gan & Lee Industrial Zone with a silk banner to thank Dr. Zhongru Gan, Chairman of the Board of Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals, for the help the company provided to his family.

This elderly farmer's 59-year-old wife had battled diabetes for 10 years. Due to financial constraints, she had been taking generic oral medicines and her blood glucose was not adequately controlled. She developed a number of complications including hypertension, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, reinopathy and neuropathy. As a result, she was unable to walk by herself and had to relay on wheelchair. Due to serious conditions, she was hospitalized this May in a top hospital in Beijing Tongzhou district and was treated with one type of premixed NPH/regular insulin. However, her blood glucose was still not well controlled and the family was in further financial trouble. The husband was not happy with that experience.

Dr. Zhongru Gan heard about their story and paid personal attention to it. To help them battle the disease and get through the financial difficulties, Gan & Lee decided to provide a number of Basalin® therapies free of charge, and worked together with a physician to guide the wife in Basalin® use. The new treatment helped the patient tremendously in controlling blood glucose and other symptoms. The patient is feeling much better and can visit friends without using the wheelchair.

To show his appreciation for the help with Basalin® and Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals, the elderly farmer came to Gan & Lee Industrial Zone with a silk banner on August 29. Holding Dr. Gan’s hands firmly and with tears in his eyes, he told Dr. Gan, “Basalin® is really amazing.”