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-- 1st joined exhibition in the 78th ADA

  • Time: 2018-08-03 11:29:48
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On 23rd June 2018, Gan & Lee Pharmaceuticals (Ganlee) has successfully joined exhibition in the 78th American Diabetes Associate conference (ADA) at Orlando, USA. As the first Chinese pharmaceutical company who has attended exhibition in ADA history.

The first showing of Ganlee in ADA contained TV broadcasting and booth exhibition. The Ganlee TV films introduced the current China’s diabetes challenges and solutions as well as the development of Insulin biosimilars in China, which have been participated by many top KOLs and professionals. The films revealed the achievement of diabetes treatment in China and the strength of Chinese pharmaceutical company.

The American Diabetes Associate (ADA) was founded in 1940. The ADA conference is the world’s biggest and most significant diabetes conference. ADA is recognized as one of the most authoritative academic associations in diabetes mellitus treatment due to its world-leading professional expertise. In 2018 ADA, there are nearly 16,000 diabetes professional attendees which included physicians, doctors, nurses, nutritionists, scientists and researchers all around the world.